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Now what?

5:7:2013Parker Payroll Services has a logo, business cards, print collateral and a web site. Now what? Getting heard is what. Marketing is a science unto itself. But there are basic marketing 101 steps to take.
New School:
Web site
Linked In
Old School:
Contact former clients-not to steal, but to use a contact to possible clients. Former clients have vendors, smaller company resources, etc.
Networking groups
Small business organizations
Personal visits
And probably the most important: take the time to build relationships
If New School is completely out of your wheel house, don’t hesitate to read books to learn more, attend seminars or even hire a consultant. Often times a consultant is money well spent.


The social media conundrums

As a dedicated and faithful reader of this blog you know about email blasts. You know how often and when. But with all things, there is the down side. There are somethings you should consider before you start that blog, send email blasts or sign-up for that Twitter account. The things to consider are: quantity, quality and consistency. If you start a blog will you be able to keep it up? Will you find subjects to opine about? If you send email blasts do have enough new information to send a blast twice a month, once a month? And Twitter, if you have an account how often are you going to tweet? As a business, or professional organization these are important things to consider. The first and most important is content. Do you have enough to say to justify posting to a blog two or three times a week? I post once a week. I’m very consistent. Not perfect but pretty consistent. That’s important. I sent an email blast on behalf of the organization I work for twice a month. If you send an email blast every three months you will not create any impact. If you get a Twitter account will you be able to keep it up with actual relevant information? Unless you’re famous no one is going to care what you had for lunch or that you have a new copier. The other consideration is who at your organization does these media things? Is it one person? It shouldn’t be, using an email blast service is not rocket science. More than one person at your shop should be able to send blasts, post to a blog-if that fits your media plan. Lots of this stuff is designed to be user friendly so one need not be afraid of considering using these tools. You should consider all aspects before you post, blast or tweet.