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Now what?

5:7:2013Parker Payroll Services has a logo, business cards, print collateral and a web site. Now what? Getting heard is what. Marketing is a science unto itself. But there are basic marketing 101 steps to take.
New School:
Web site
Linked In
Old School:
Contact former clients-not to steal, but to use a contact to possible clients. Former clients have vendors, smaller company resources, etc.
Networking groups
Small business organizations
Personal visits
And probably the most important: take the time to build relationships
If New School is completely out of your wheel house, don’t hesitate to read books to learn more, attend seminars or even hire a consultant. Often times a consultant is money well spent.


Step right up, enjoy the show

Content in a quantity world. You know you have to create compelling content in the look at me world of customer communication. What is compelling? Your new software program is compelling. No, really it is. Actually it isn’t but you can make it compelling or at least some what compelling. Tell your customers what your new software is going to do for them. How the new program will help your people provide better service. How it will allow your customers to add features to the product/service they get from you for little or no money. No money is better, it creates a bond of caring. You’re sharing some of your cost savings thus recognizing your customer’s value. Use the opportunity to introduce some of your staff. A few testimonials from staff about how excited they are to use the new product. (A little piece of advice. If you are introducing a new computer system, before you embark on that odyssey, get feedback about what the needs are from your staff. I cannot tell you how many companies I’ve been to that buy and implement a new system without ever engaging the people who will be using it. Engage your people and you’ll likely find that you don’t need so many bells and whistles and the new system will be embraced instead of perceived as a new form of torture devised by management.) Don’t denigrate the old version of what’s being replaced, you don’t want your customers to think you’ve been out of sync with the rest of the world. Tell your customers how you’re going to be better than great. What if you don’t have new software to crow about? What if you’re looking around the office and you can’t see or think of one thing in your business to tell your customers about? Think about something one person does at your company or something the company does that helps the company run smoothly. Write about that especially if that person or job doesn’t have any direct customer contact. Does the company do any community outreach? No? Ask around, one of your people does. Write about them. And if your company doesn’t do any community outreach, start. It is a no lose proposition. The take away from this? Tell a story. Next, more ways of creating content and awareness.