Brochure vs. tear sheet throw down

1:24:2013After consideration I chose to prepare a tear sheet rather than a brochure. The following is why a tear sheet is the best use in this instance and why a brochure would be better in other circumstances. But first, let me explain what a tear sheet and brochure is:
Tear sheet: Tear sheet has several meanings. For our use a tear sheet is a single piece of paper that conveys information or services a business or organization supplies.
Brochure: A brochure can serve the above purposes but it can also be used to convey all sorts of information about just about anything. Brochures are a single sheet of paper that can vary in size and is folded. The folded size is typically 8.5 inches in height and slightly more than 3.5 inches in width.
Tear sheet

  • Tear sheets can fit nicely into file folders with other papers
  • It is often one sided-which depending on how much information you have is a good thing
  • Both a brochure and a tear sheet are in danger of getting lost on a desk; I think a tear sheet is easier to find
  • It can easily be combined with other papers to make a neat professional package


  • Not that a brochure is unprofessional, but it has a broad range of subject and uses; they are very common and can seem too informal
  • It is perfect for display and casual distribution
  • It is pre-folded, perfect for transport
  • It can be laid out to guide the reader through the information
  • It is the perfect way to include a short form

I think a tear sheet looks less like a sales tool, though it is, and more as a method to dispense information. There are two versions here. One is shown without a business card attached and he other with a card. The card can be simply clipped to the sheet for easy reference and removal.

ParkerServices tearsheet without card ParkerServices tearsheet


Send me a letter

This week: Letterhead and Invoice. Things like proposals will follow the style of the invoice. As will the tear sheet for the scope of services. I will have that, I will have to decide whether I need a two fold brochure.

Parker letterhead

Parker invoice

Parker Payroll Services—logo unveil

This is the logo I will be working with to create my branding for Parker Payroll Services.