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Electrons are free

11:29:2012I thought it over, changed it around, used what I had, went from here to there and Bob’s your uncle. Bob’s your uncle is a British thing and I do not know what it means other than, there you go. Below is the working first page of Parker Payroll Services. Below that is a link to the work-in-progress site. I chose a very different and not typical style. I did it because I could and because more and more often I am seeing “new” design and concepts that either I or former colleagues did years ago. At the time we did them we were shot down as being too modern because of a, “I haven’t seen that before” mentality. So I designed what I liked, what I thought was user friendly and a bit atypical. You might not like it, you might think it is bad design. It is not, it is good design. It is different, not that much, useable yet simple. As many people that love curry an equal amount of people hate it. By the way, the bottom row doesn’t work and won’t take you to another page. Click the logo to go back home.



Brainstorms, having fun and right now-no rules

What I’m doing below is playing with ideas, processing them visually. I scanned a page from my sketchbook of ideas for my Parker Payroll site. There is a thread of ideas, some that don’t work, one that makes me go hmm and one still on the sketchbook page that I think I want to explore visually. There are two here I rather like though translating them to other pages on the web site may be a challenge. I am going to keep at it and see where it ends up. By the way, this is taking so long is because I am doing this around my paying gigs. The process is fun, I have the time to try out the silly, the bad, do some research for inspiration and examine my process in a way I never have before.

sketch page parker

Parker mock up 1 stripes parker site 2 boxes parker site 3 butoons