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Now what?

5:7:2013Parker Payroll Services has a logo, business cards, print collateral and a web site. Now what? Getting heard is what. Marketing is a science unto itself. But there are basic marketing 101 steps to take.
New School:
Web site
Linked In
Old School:
Contact former clients-not to steal, but to use a contact to possible clients. Former clients have vendors, smaller company resources, etc.
Networking groups
Small business organizations
Personal visits
And probably the most important: take the time to build relationships
If New School is completely out of your wheel house, don’t hesitate to read books to learn more, attend seminars or even hire a consultant. Often times a consultant is money well spent.


Electrons are free

11:29:2012I thought it over, changed it around, used what I had, went from here to there and Bob’s your uncle. Bob’s your uncle is a British thing and I do not know what it means other than, there you go. Below is the working first page of Parker Payroll Services. Below that is a link to the work-in-progress site. I chose a very different and not typical style. I did it because I could and because more and more often I am seeing “new” design and concepts that either I or former colleagues did years ago. At the time we did them we were shot down as being too modern because of a, “I haven’t seen that before” mentality. So I designed what I liked, what I thought was user friendly and a bit atypical. You might not like it, you might think it is bad design. It is not, it is good design. It is different, not that much, useable yet simple. As many people that love curry an equal amount of people hate it. By the way, the bottom row doesn’t work and won’t take you to another page. Click the logo to go back home.


To each according to his needs

2:13:2013Karl Marx was not likely talking about web sites but I am. Don’t be tempted to go over board on a web site. Think. Think about what your audience wants to know, then give it to them. Web designs can do magical things. Check out the following:
Granted the first is out of this world. And the second is rather over the top but these are examples of what the web can do. And only the tip of the iceberg are these. Look, the point is make your web site what your customers need not what you want. Look at my web site, it has my portfolio and contact information and not much more. In my instance, anyone looking at it has already arranged to meet me or are thinking about contacting me. It gives my clients a chance to see if what I do will be a match to what they need. Another site I have done is Civic Square. This too is very simple. It tells potential clients about the principal’s expertise, and yes, the last name is the same as mine; look carefully you’ll see they are slightly co-branded.
For my example, Parker Payroll Services, my site will have a twofold purpose. One will tell potential clients about the services Parker Payroll Services offers and another part of the site will be for current customers. Next week I will show rough designs for a home page.

Brochure vs. tear sheet throw down

1:24:2013After consideration I chose to prepare a tear sheet rather than a brochure. The following is why a tear sheet is the best use in this instance and why a brochure would be better in other circumstances. But first, let me explain what a tear sheet and brochure is:
Tear sheet: Tear sheet has several meanings. For our use a tear sheet is a single piece of paper that conveys information or services a business or organization supplies.
Brochure: A brochure can serve the above purposes but it can also be used to convey all sorts of information about just about anything. Brochures are a single sheet of paper that can vary in size and is folded. The folded size is typically 8.5 inches in height and slightly more than 3.5 inches in width.
Tear sheet

  • Tear sheets can fit nicely into file folders with other papers
  • It is often one sided-which depending on how much information you have is a good thing
  • Both a brochure and a tear sheet are in danger of getting lost on a desk; I think a tear sheet is easier to find
  • It can easily be combined with other papers to make a neat professional package


  • Not that a brochure is unprofessional, but it has a broad range of subject and uses; they are very common and can seem too informal
  • It is perfect for display and casual distribution
  • It is pre-folded, perfect for transport
  • It can be laid out to guide the reader through the information
  • It is the perfect way to include a short form

I think a tear sheet looks less like a sales tool, though it is, and more as a method to dispense information. There are two versions here. One is shown without a business card attached and he other with a card. The card can be simply clipped to the sheet for easy reference and removal.

ParkerServices tearsheet without card ParkerServices tearsheet

Send me a letter

This week: Letterhead and Invoice. Things like proposals will follow the style of the invoice. As will the tear sheet for the scope of services. I will have that, I will have to decide whether I need a two fold brochure.

Parker letterhead

Parker invoice