Brainstorms, having fun and right now-no rules

What I’m doing below is playing with ideas, processing them visually. I scanned a page from my sketchbook of ideas for my Parker Payroll site. There is a thread of ideas, some that don’t work, one that makes me go hmm and one still on the sketchbook page that I think I want to explore visually. There are two here I rather like though translating them to other pages on the web site may be a challenge. I am going to keep at it and see where it ends up. By the way, this is taking so long is because I am doing this around my paying gigs. The process is fun, I have the time to try out the silly, the bad, do some research for inspiration and examine my process in a way I never have before.

sketch page parker

Parker mock up 1 stripes parker site 2 boxes parker site 3 butoons


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