Let’s start at the very beginning-a very good place to start

10:17:2012I was planning on writing an example of media content for this post but changed my mind and decided to put together a whole design stratagem from start to finish. I am going to cover all the topics I’ve been covering for the past two and half years. I am going to take my fictional payroll company give it a name, logo, letterhead, business cards, brochures, the whole works including web page samples and content marketing samples. We’ll start with company names, develop a branding strategy, type scheme, color scheme, logo and on and on.  Why I think this is a great idea is because I will be taking many of the ideas, rules and suggestions I’ve made and implementing them. I am using my fictional payroll company because of it’s inherent un-sexiness. I don’t find it very helpful seeing albeit great design examples that are easy. It isn’t hard to be daring and edgy if the business is an advant garde art gallery or a yoga studio. Payroll companies are real world and their clients are dry cleaners and plastics manufacturers. Next week, I will name my payroll company and cover why names are important.


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