Content—friend or foe?

What does content have to do with design? Why is a graphic designer going on and on about content? Because it is a whole new world out there and these things go together. Good packing and good content have gone hand in hand since the first narrative went up on the first church wall. Coke™ has put on YouTube it’s content strategy plan (they call it vision) for 2020. They essentially plan to take over the world. Not only do they plan to take over the world they want you to help. It is either terrifying or genius. Before you check it out, think about what you or your company may take away from this. While Coke™ plans on high interaction from consumers, can you, on a lower level, get your customers to interact with you? Is there a way to get them to tell you your story before you ask? For example, my fictional payroll company if you recall, has rolled out some spiffy new software that will save the company and company clients money, or offer more services for the same money or much expanded services for only a little more money (ideal). I can ask how my payroll company’s expanded capacity has helped my clients. In return, I feature in my emails, website however I communicate, how great this turned out and my client gets free exposure. Anyway, go check out Coke™. You can decide if you want to be part of the collective or not.


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