Content is King?

Content, king, what? I don’t need to recite how we are all bombarded with advertising and stimuli. We know, we know, we know. So how do you make people aware of you? Whether you are selling a product or service or a nonprofit you can’t do any of those things without awareness. The direct sell is out. Then how? By creating valuable content and sharing it with your customers/clients. Content is the soft sell in a broader context. Have you ever seen turn of the century advertising? The technique was to tell a story. “Miss X of Chicago, IL was at a loss. The young men would smile and come to make her acquaintance but then quickly went away. Heartbroken, Miss X asked her best friend who was always surrounded by beaus what her secret was. ‘”Why I use, Bright Smile Toothpaste! Not only do I get a great smile but fresh breath too!”’ Soon after, Miss X became Mrs. Y.” They told a story ideally, it was their customer’s story. Today marketing, social marketing that is, has come back toward that model. Far more subtle and with more direct value in it’s content.

Want an example? This blog is a perfect example. Every week I provide a short piece of advice or item about marketing or graphic design. My first post was about serif and sanserif typefaces.  ( I provided good, helpful information. I accomplished two things. I gave you, my audience, something valuable and I demonstrated my expertise in my field. As things went along I urged my readers to use a professional designer but I never pushed my services. This blog for me, is not to generate new business, though the prospect is not lost on me, it is a resource for my current customers and potential customers. My portfolio may not address specific customer needs and sometimes if a customer doesn’t see exactly what they want in my portfolio this blog can demonstrate the breadth of my skill set.

Take a look at your business or organization, is content marketing something you should consider? Later I will examine what content marketing is and how you can implement it, the pluses and minuses and commitment required.


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