More than a soapbox

Twitter has become ubiquitous. Even payroll companies have Twitter accounts. Can you use Twitter to your and your company’s advantage? I think so. Twitter accounts can be protected. You can allow only certain people access to the account. In other words, you can set up a company account that only employees can see. You can set up accounts for departments. You can use Twitter as a fast simple way to communicate. The storm out East is a perfect example. For those inland, the threat was not so evident. Suddenly the decision to close shop doesn’t have to be made far in advance. It can be decided last minute, not at a dangerous last minute, but now there is more time to gather information before making a decision. A change in a meeting is one Tweet and now everyone knows. A family emergency can be communicated to co-workers and save a lot of time. Information can be spread quickly. It is can be faster and is briefer than email, Tweets can be received on smart phones and computers. As a communication tool, Twitter can be immensely useful. As soon as I get me some people I’m going to get myself a Twitter account. “DonutGirl@Donut Girl #Stopping @ bakery! Who wants pastry?”


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