What’s a boy or girl to do?

Flyers are still a good communication vehicle. Really, they are. I like them. You can’t tweet everything. Flyers are good for garage sales but they are good for other things too. Say you want to start lunchtime book club but you don’t want to email everyone in the company. Posting flyers in the cafeteria or lunchroom and in elevators or the company bulletin board is a fine way to pass along information. Any information that needs to be posted will get more attention if it is well designed and compelling. Below is a type only flyer. Think about how you use type, the size and spacing. Think about balance, how will it catch people’s eye? Large look at me type is an excellent way catch the eye. What about putting the title in the middle as in the example below? A little effort in the beginning can have high impact and results. Tear-offs are optional but are a good remember the date or sign-up here reminder.


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