In with the new

New employee training, the smell of anxiety in the morning. You show them where the coffee room is, then where the bathroom is and last of all where to find you. There are so many things all new hires have to learn besides their job duties. They have to learn not to ever, ever bring an orange to the office. (This happened to me once. I brought an orange in to eat and the second I started peeling it a woman in my area went berserk.—true story.) What I implore you not to forget to go over the branding strategy. You might think this new hire will never come into contact with the branding let alone be in a situation in which they would make use of it (Really? Never? No quick ad for a program, no helping out on a presentation? Are you sure?). Still, make sure they know what it is where the branding book can be found because you do have one. You might think I am being a bit (or a lot) heavy handed, I am. I am because I have seen what happens when some one who doesn’t understand begins to change just this one little thing and before you know it that strategy you paid $15K-$25K (not an unreasonable sum) goes out the window. I’ve seen it happen. If you use a designer don’t count on them to hold your employee in check. Your renegade is your designee. There are mountains of information a newbie has to learn including the company identity and their identity for 40 hours a week should be a part of that.


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