Show me

Show me one thing. Just one. Flyer? What’s the first thing you want to say? Meeting. New software program. Changes in policy. Pick one thing. Make that one thing the first thing you see. Now who you are and what you are, are indeed important. I’m a big believer in logos and company identity. You have to decide, can who you are come after? If it is an in-house piece for sure it can. And you still need to include it. Yes, use your branding, never miss an opportunity to reinforce your branding. But it doesn’t have to be the lead story. For example, your company is sponsoring an event. The event isn’t going to help your business, it isn’t going create awareness in your field. You’re just nice people doing something nice. So sure, make the event or whatever it is foremost. It’s okay. Show me one thing first. Show me something else second. Company name, branding, part II of part I. See the example below.


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