Design Maxims Part II

Measure with your eyes. Say you’re centering type but there is an element near it, a signature perhaps. You know it perfectly centered and yet-for some reason it doesn’t look right. You know it doesn’t look right because you’ve leaned back and squinted your eyes. This is an instance when you nudge the type until it “looks” right. It may be a picture or something else not just type. No Matter what it is, it may need to be measured with your eyes.

Think about movement and flow. Can you use lines, elements to create an easier more flowing experience for your audience? What can you add to help them navigate your piece? I used a standard format. Image left corner top. It rarely if ever, changes. The image hardly ever relates to the text, it’s just a picture. That’s okay. You’ve come to expect that, if there is an element I want you to notice I put it into the body of the post. What sorts of things can help flow? Pull quotes as page or section starters, icons for each section, colored lines, shaded boxes … What ever you can think of .


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