A Pleasant day for a Read

What makes a pleasant read? Is it the content, the way or style in which it’s written? What do I mean by a pleasant read anyway? I mean text that is pleasant to read no matter what the subject or style. We talked about 12 point being the ideal point size for elderly and low readers but what if your audience is neither? Here’s a quick break down of what point size goes with what age. Serif typefaces are still the way to go, that has not changed.



Preschoolers and those just learning to read: 24 Point
7-8 year olds: 18 Point
8-10 year olds: 14 to 16 Point
12 year olds: 12 Point
Adults: 10 Point
College Students: 9 to 10 Point
Seniors: 11 to 12 Point


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