Inspiration or perspiration?

You have something to figure out, a problem to solve, how do you do it? Do you go for a walk or run, take a warm shower or do you stay put and hash it out until you have a solution? The answer is yes. The understanding of how creativity and imagination works goes like this. When you are presented with a problem or task, for instance, organizing a lot of information or creating a new user experience for your customers, you need a basic idea or concept. Something to get the ball rolling, inspiration perhaps; go for that walk or run. What happens when you do that kind of activity is that you actually open yourself up to distraction. And distraction opens you up to possibility. Those flights of fancy spark ideas; ideas that may not fit your typical path of problem solving can turn out to be insightful and innovative. Now once you have your inspiration it’s time to drill down and work. That’s where you trial and error and revise and refine. Time to shut out distraction and focus on the problem at hand. The key to revision and refinement is to go far enough but not too far. You need to revise more than you think and stop before you think you’re done. That’s an oblique statement but once you’re at that place you’ll understand.


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