More photo tips to save your sit-upon

Here you are shooting the award luncheon. You cleverly got your group shots already. You got those early because: 1. I told you to do that before and 2. Inevitably some one you need a photo of leaves early. Now you’ll still shoot the honoree holding their award, plaque, or whatever. But just in case that photo comes out badly you have a back-up picture to use. But what happens if you have a lot of space on that web page or newsletter and not much copy or better, lots of copy that needs to be broken up but unified together? That’s where you take your own version of stock photos. Take a close up of the award. Take a photo of the invite, the poster directing people to the event, event attendees, the honorees or other VIP placards. Take photos of anything related to the event. Then once you are back at the office, crop, crop, crop. Crop your photos, crop them a lot. Use those cropped images as paragraph starts, Use them to fill in a large space that lacks copy. Use them as page cues, an indicator that the story continues here. Below the first image is the whole picture. The others photos are cropped elements of the same photo, see? Keep that in mind, it can save your sit-upon.


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