Just because you could doesn’t mean you should …

is not just about low rider jeans and skin tight t-shirts. It extends to postings too. This is why YouTube is stupid with kitten videos. No redeeming value, just a few more minutes of your life gone F O R E V E R. Funny thing about forever, as physics goes, theoretically time is fluid. There is no reason, from a physics view, why we should not remember the future as we remember the past. And yet it is linear in a forward direction. Go figure. See? Another example of the cool getting you off point. Resist. Know your message and report it. Do not digress, stay on message, you have a point-make it. You are about your brand, your product. Unless you can find a way to cleverly insert something off topic, off your branding strategy, don’t do it. And while I began this post as a way to post this cool fireworks video I took, I’m still right. Resist, stay on message, stay within the brand. Now look at my cool fireworks video!



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