Doing it old school, illustration

Are you using photographic images in your work? Do you only use photos for newsletters and web sites or anything you use images for? Have you considered illustration? No, you have not. Maybe it’s because you think it means paying for expensive art. I mean, why would you pay for art for a newsletter? You wouldn’t. But what if you could add some illustration elements to a photograph to add interest? Would you do that? There are lots of photo editing software that comes with a software package or resident on your computer that allows you to add lines, or change colors of photos. There are even free web sites online that will allow you to alter a photo. Just remember to make sure that it is a photo you own. If you Google, free photo altering sites, you will find a plethora of options. Spend a little time, get creative, it will provide interest to your regular missives and a bit of creativity is good for your mind.


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