It was right there a second ago!

Have you ever lain in bed and have a great idea and then the alarm goes off and along with it your great idea? Three times this morning and all were ideas for this blog. I can’t say they were great ideas, because you see, I can’t remember them. If nothing else it got me thinking about generating ideas. I promised three pieces of art for a gallery exhibit next month. I’m having trouble, my great ideas are not working out. Yesterday I was mulling over my lack of ideas and wondering if the others who have been asked to participate in this show are having the same trouble I am. I decided they are not bereft of ideas and I’m panicking. The theme is churches. And I don’t want to paint a church. But I’m digressing; I was talking about generating ideas. How do you do it? Is there a sure fire way? There are lots of ways but which one will work for you? I use two that generally work well for me. I like to think about my project while I’m out running. I get a lot of good ideas that way. So I suggest a walk, alone, no headphones, no phone just you and the project. The other is a pad and pen. I put the project at the top of the paper and start writing or listing what I know or think about it. I try to relax; I try to let ideas come. Now this is the important part, no censoring. No idea is too outrageous. Go big, go silly, go way, way out there. Play make it fun. Think of impossible things, think of a marching band at the annual meeting. Next, take those ideas look them over. Some of those far out ideas will generate other ideas, and from there, another idea. See how it works? You don’t even have to start planning a field trip to the moon, just begin to think.


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