Not too big not too small, just right

You know, of course, from your diligent and loyal reading of this blog about type size. What size is the U. S. government’s print standard (ahem—12 point). You also know that sometimes you have a to go bigger or smaller depending on space. How big is too big? How small is too small? How do fill a space when you don’t have enough copy? What about when you have too much?

Making type really big makes it look childish
Making type too small and no one will bother to read it
Consider the following to make type not just fit but look right
Do you have an image you can make larger or smaller? If you are going smaller
instead of shrinking the image can you crop it?
Can you make the margins wider, narrower?
Can you make the space after the paragraph larger or smaller? There should always be a designated space after paragraphs and the space is not an extra return.
If your software allows it can you make the line spacing wider?
Can headers be larger, smaller?
Drop cap?
Can the article or paper title be larger, smaller?
I am sure you may even be able to think of some others.


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