Elusive Brilliance

I had a brilliant idea for this post. Then I forgot it. I told my husband I forgot my brilliant idea, idea #1 that is. And now he’s threatening me with an iPhone and Siri. I wonder if she will keep after me to finish tasks, if so, we might have something then. Here’s the next brilliant idea while I try to remember the first. It’s not my brilliant idea actually it’s my husband’s brilliant idea. When you write an email that is taking the place of a letter that back in the day would have been printed, placed in an enveloped and mailed; write the email as if it were a letter. Put the date, the bricks and mortar address and the proper salutation at the top. Write your copy just like a letter and end it with sincerely and your name, address, email (I know—just do it) and phone number. Two things are happening here. The first, (by the way this is a great way to send a thank you follow up to an interview) is that you are using technology for efficiency. Second, is that you also know how to do things formally. If this is the follow up to an interview, print it out and sign it and send it as well. And print the envelope. Seriously, print the envelope.


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