Do you have to spell it out all the time, every time?

Yep, you do. Use the company logo on the picnic flyer? Why? Don’t you know whom you work for? Sure you do. Doesn’t matter. Put the logo on. Why? Because it’s who you are, the company picnic is the company picnic. The idea isn’t to cram company identity down colleagues’ throats, but to remind them they are part of something. You can have the coolest logo, the slickest branding but it’s your people who are the company. Create a sense of ownership. They’re part of a team, your team, and the team’s home field is the office, shop or factory. From nine to five the company is part their identity. Make your branding something they can be proud of. Heck, make your company or department something they can be proud of. Now I don’t mean to plaster your logo all over everything, that’s a little big brother. Still, it’s your brand it needs to be front and center and branding, my dear, never sleeps.


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