Spring is just around the corner as is spring cleaning and annual reports

As far as cleaning goes you’re on your own, but annual report season brings me to the subject of this post. Annual reports are lots of numbers and charts but the powers that be like to preface all that with warm and fuzzy aspects of the otherwise cold, hard business world. How do they do that? By using photos of their employees doing things together. If you are taking those photos or you see someone taking those photos, please do a kindness to the designer of the annual report, newsletter, grant application, whatever. Take pictures of peoples faces. When people are doing good they tend to face toward what they are doing, painting houses, picking up trash, or planting flowers. They tend to be bending over, facing their work and that means not facing your camera. Get in front of them, have a few people pose together, ask that guy to stop for a moment and pose with his shovel, clippers, or paint brush. Get their fronts. You wouldn’t think it but I have zillions of unusable photos of good people doing good things all with their do-gooder backs to the camera. Turn your heroes around, thank them for their service and ask them to smile.


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