Redundancy is good for electricity but not for web sites

I saw a web site last week that had about eight pages it didn’t need. When you pay to have a web site designed don’t look at the cost and weigh it against how many pages you get. Do you put events on your front page? Then why, oh why would you have a dedicated events page? Do you put news on the front page? Then you don’t need a page for news. Look at your web site right now. Well not right now. Do you have a page of explanation before you get to the meat of your content? Make your explanation a side bar and keep it all on one page. Having your visitors click through page after page is gratifying for your stats, not for your visitors. And if you have a web master or designer on staff have them design a site you can update. There are software programs that will allow you to easily update information on your site yourself.


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