More photography tips because I got a new camera

My blog, my choice. I can rate the crème in Oreo cookies if I want to. My new camera isn’t anything fancy. It’s a step up from a point and shoot and two steps down from a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex-or a 35 mm for you Luddites). Winter finally arrived here in Southwestern Pennsylvania bringing along cold air and snow. Beautiful pictures can be taken of snow and snowy landscapes but if you set your camera to auto they might not seem so pretty. The auto setting tends to flatten and dull snow. Everyone knows that snow if full of color and shadow. You can capture more of the subtleties of snow by using your flash. That’s right use the flash. It will help the camera record more of the nuances. When taking portraits, if your camera has a pop-up flash try this: hold the blank side of a white business card at a 45 degree angle to the flash. It will bounce the flash off the ceiling and soften the harshness of the flash blast. It really helps with that deer in headlights appearance of people shot with a flash head on. The last thought is really two. The self timer, if you are shooting something close up or in low light your photo will not be blurry if you take the shot using your timer. The second is a tripod. A six-inch table-top tripod will improve your photo quality. One, because by positioning your camera with a tripod you are taking more time and that time and effort translates into better pictures and two it is a stable base to take a steady picture. A timer and a tripod are even better. A bottle cap, a nut, a couple of washers and a bolt and you can make your own tripod.


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