We can’t all, and some just don’t. That’s all there is to it. ~A. A. Milne

When it comes to building your own web site, not everyone can, not everyone wants too and some just plain cannot. And, that is all there is to it. Which are you? You may be able to build your own web site but should you? You have a lot of options out there. You can subscribe to a web host who provides templates. You can get Dreamweaver, (Dreamweaver is web page design software) you can even save word files as web pages. If you are a company and a professional appearance is paramount to your credibility hire some one to do it. That said, work with that person to design a site that can be updated by you. I don’t mean design overhauls, I mean updating the date of the annual picnic. Announcing your big promotion, that kind of stuff. With Contribute, software that goes with Dreamweaver you can update your site yourself easily. If you want a site for family and friends by all means go for it. I would suggest you use a provider that supplies templates. The monthly rate may be a little higher but everything can be pretty much done for you.


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