By division we come together

Page division that is. Leaving the wonderful world of grids to visit the idea of page division. Page division still fits into the use of grids, it’s just about making the elements larger and groups. I don’t expect you to quit your day job and become a book designer, but if you hire a designer for your book … Again, the idea here is to give you tools to get your message and vision out to the world. To have the tools and ability to understand design and have a voice and an valuable opinion when it comes to creating your message. Designers like working with people who are engaged and understand even the basics of design. So no, I don’t expect you to quit your day job but I do expect you to be open to and suggest ways to use design to make yourself or company unique. You might even get to make your division unique and still stay within a corporate branding. Enough of that, back to page division. If you have a spread, two pages facing each other like an open book the typical layout is to have each page it own self contained unit. I used a grid in that manner last week. Play with that concept, try 2/3, 1/3, left to right. Or ¼, ½ , ¼ , top to bottom. Can you run type up the side? On a diagonal. Play with thumbnail sketches. Apply these ideas to presentations. Always of course with the emphasis on readability.


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