Too many choices and not enough options

More print terms to warm you heart. Some have already been explained under the topic of texture but here a few more printing/finishing terms. And don’t forget if you don’t understand a term your designer or printer uses, ask. Sometimes we forget you may not be conversant in our language.

  • Varnish—This is a finishing process. It’s a coating added to uncoated paper to minimize smudges. A black cover will often have a varnish. Only in principle is it like floor varnish.
  • Deckle edge—It’s that rough uneven edge that is left untrimmed from the paper making process.
  • Throw out—A page that is bound into a publication that folds out. A centerfold.
  • Tip-in—A card or page (usually of a different type of paper than the rest of the publication) glued into the binding of a book. Think of magazines with their subscription cards glued in.

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