You’ve got an idea, now what? Thumbnails

You have the idea. How do you flesh it out? Because it isn’t a whole formed idea, it’s just the germ. Where do you go from there? Go big or go home? Not yet. Right now think small. Really small. Thumbnail size small. Thumbnail is just a figure of speech. But I am talking about small. Small drawings. How small? Oh, whatever you can see. One inch, two , three, whatever. You’re just blocking out your idea. Drawing shapes that represent elements. Things to be moved around. I designed a logo for a consulting company, Civic Square. I drew these digitally but they can be drawn in ink, pencil, crayon, anything. They are small and I was playing with a germ of an idea. Try it out with your newsletter, that ad you may end up doing for a program book. Another thing I like to do is cut out the shapes I think I will be using and move them around on a piece of paper. Seriously, it works really well. See?


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