The rules are there are no rules!

There are rules. The sooner you accept that the better off you’ll be. The key is to decide which rules you’re going to break. I mean, fail to notice. The rule that I you urge to consider is the rule of thirds. Not in terms of your dinner plate. That’s a whole other blog. But for the record eat mostly plants. Nope, I’m talking about the rule of thirds as it pertains to page or image composition. Used lots by photographers and designers it is a compositional tool for placing important elements in key places. It’s simple to employ. Lay a three-by-three grid over your picture where the lines cross are the key spots.

Notice that the areas to the right are not filled with an image. The tone there is to support the image of the ornament with contrast. These areas on the right are intended to lead the eye around and back to the ornament. Before you use the rule of thirds look at paintings, photos, ads, etc., to see how the rule of thirds is employed. Then try it out yourself. And even if you don’t get it quite right, no big deal, it takes some time to learn.


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