Don’t let my glad expression give you the wrong impression

Can you fake a smile? Can you fake that smile and fool others? I’m not asking just because you’ve been practicing over the past holiday weekend. Okay, it gave me the idea. I ask because you might have to deal with this at some point. Most people can fake a smile for the camera. It is much harder to do it for video. So what? If you have to take a group photo you will have a better image if folks are smiling a true smile. No kidding. I know, I know but it is important. If a smile is true it will capture the viewer’s interest and create confidence. If you’re selling something, be it a product or an idea that sincere winning smile is worth something. Back to the group picture. A previous entry gave some tips on photographing groups. I’m going to add the tip of laughter. If you can get your subjects to laugh you will create good will and beautiful genuine smiles. If you’re not a comedian then smile at your subjects—chances are good they will smile back.


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