Pay attention to me!

You’ve something important to say. How do you make sure the message gets through? Let’s forget for now the medium in which you are going to impart your priceless gift of information. How do get your audience to see what you want them to see? To remember what you want them to remember? It’s obvious you have to make it stand out in some way. Print, web many of the same methods will work. For a while at my old job I would send my emails in red large type. No, not all caps. And it was dark red. I did it because I liked to sit low and slumped in my chair and large type and color was the only way I could see my email. My boss made me stop when some one complained. —The complainer was one big pain in the you-know-what. I sent emails to senior vps and they didn’t mind.— Any way large type and red may not be the best way to go. Here’s what is. Put important bits, bits being small, I’ll say it again, small pieces of information in a box. A lightly shaded box is nice but not if it is a printed piece that is likely to get copied and circulated. If you’re on the web use animation (but not annoying animation), video, color and size. Print work consider color and size. Don’t expect your readers/viewers to recognize the most important piece of information. Direct them to it. Lead them by the proverbial hand. If it’s really important really make it stand out. When to you it really stands out, make it stand out even more. Repeat two more times.


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