Wait, how’d that go again?

Do you give presentations? Do you train people? Do you issue orders or directions? Do you write instructive manuals or articles? Did you know that four items is pretty much the maximum number of items a person can recall? So what do you do? Simple really, limit the amount of information flowing out. Put out there only what needs to be communicated, not one word more. I can’t, you say, I have ten important points to make, I can’t leave any of it out. Fine. A way to get people to remember information is to group it together. Think of your social security number. It’s three digits, two digits, and four digits. You can remember all nine digits by grouping them. If you want people to remember your information, group it into fours, threes, and twos. Anything over four and that’s it, all over. They will start missing points of information. And trust me, you don’t want to know how quickly they begin forgetting the information you so painstakingly prepared and lovingly imparted.


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