Design components nobody thinks about (web and print)

Simple things to keep in mind when having a print piece designed or having your web site designed. It’s about how people see and how they get annoyed.
People use peripheral vision far more than anyone realizes. While it’s true that central vision is most important to specific identification, peripheral vision pays a key role in discerning the gist of an image. See below:

Seeing the center of the image shows you it’s a bee. Seeing the edges may not tell you it’s a bee but you will be able to identify it as an insect. Peripheral vision becomes very import when people view web pages. What is on the edges of a web page is important not just what’s in the center. In fact, whether to stay or leave a web pages is often determined by what the peripheral information says. Resist the urge to be different and run that menu clearly down the left edge of your page. Tell the people what they want to know before those 1.5 seconds elapse and they are gone. Who and what right there on the left right away.
And if you want someone’s view to be directed in a certain way don’t put flashing elements on the side. You know what? Don’t put flashing anything anywhere. You can have a mini slide show but no blinking and no flashing.


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