The resolution revolt!

Time to understand a little more about resolution. The fundamental truth still applies though time goes by, a low resolution image cannot be made into a high resolution image. Well it sort of can, but it will be a teeny tiny picture. Resolution is how close pixels are, pixels by the way, are the blocks of colors that when viewed at a distance create an image. Your monitor has a resolution of 72 (dpi—dots per square inch as left over from print, just go with it). Your monitor will show you your image at 72, no matter what. But what if you want to print? A little more explanation before that bit. Higher resolution yields a clearer sharper picture but at a smaller size. Lower resolutions results in a less distinct, blurry, pixilated picture but at a larger size. If you have a 3 x 5 image at 72 resolution you can’t make it 300 without it getting very small. If you want it to stay the same size, if your software permits, it will resample. Resampling is when your software gets rid of information it doesn’t need (300 to 72) or creates information (72 to 300) to reach your desired resolution. Except to create information your computer software guesses based on the information of adjacent pixels. It looks bad so don’t do that. What about printing? Your printer likely has a print resolution of 300. If you send a 600 resolution to your printer it will resample the image. Don’t let your printer do that, you change the resolution to 300. You and your imaging software will do a much better job.


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