El, em, en, Oh!

En dash, em dash. What are they and what can they do for you? Nothing more than help you get across your meaning in writing. Em dash — is longer than an en dash. It is used to set off a comment much like parentheses do.
Grating lemon peel—with a fine grate—into your coffee grounds before brewing will give your coffee an Italian flair.
An en dash is used to a to show union, correlation, things that go together. Red–green, blue–orange, yellow–purple.
And the hypen is for joining words or separate syllables of a word. Eye-opener.
On a PC an Em dash is created by typing two hyphens—at least in word—and they should be automatically joined. An en dash is best inserted by using the menu, insert+symbol+special character. En and em dashes are at the top of the list. And for those of us who use a Mac, far easier: Em—Shift+option+hyphen and the en—Opton+hyphen.
P.S. The em dash is the same size as your type, 12 point type has 12 point em dashes. The en dash is half the point size, 12 point type has a 6 point en dash.


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