To mock–up or not to mock–up

First, what is a mock–up? It is a model of the work that is to be printed. It might be a 8.5 x 11 color print out of a 24 x 36 poster. It could be a folded and taped together facsimile of a booklet. Do you need a mock-up for a single page document? Not really but it’s a good idea. For something with multiple pages, absolutely. Nowadays lots of things are printed via online printers. It’s often cheap but, and that’s a big but, they print what you send them. If you made a mistake it’s your mistake there’s nothing to be done. You also likely cannot send a mock–up since all is done electronically. If you use an online printer I still advise you print out and assemble a mock–up for yourself to try to catch any mistakes. Me, I find local printers can be competitive and having a relationship with a printer can save you time and money.


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