Getting exactly what you want–spec sheets, what did you think?

Sending a spec sheet with your print job is the best way to eliminate errors and get what you asked for. Send the spec sheet to your print rep if there is one and with the files to the printer herself/himself. A spec sheet need not be fancy, it can be as simple as please print this on yellow paper and it can be as complicated as paper color, weight, inks, folds, counts, on and on. If you are doing something different you want to include a note saying so. For instance, I am creating a brochure with a mail–in form. I set–up the brochure so that the form is on the back of the inside cover. Not typical and can confuse the printer into thinking the brochure was set up incorrectly. It wasn’t. I will send a spec sheet and indicate in my email the unusual set up and why. A spec sheet can be a form or it can be a note written in a word processing document. Send it as a document with the emailed files even if it is word for word in the email. Here’s the information I will put in the spec sheet for my non–typical brochure:
File name: Event Brochure 2011.ind
Size: 8.5h x 11w pre–fold
Color: Process
Special instructions: file is set up so that return form is on the back of the cover and mailing panel is the center back, folds down as per postal regulations.
Contact information: Lisa Belloli, etc.
Now I can go on and spec paper, special things like foil stars, what ever I want. I’m handing this off to some one else and I don’t know how many are being printed. I don’t know where they are being sent after printing. If you do know those things send it along you can never provide too much information.


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