Tis a gray area that heeds the irreproachable value of nuanced color

I have no idea what that means but it sounds important and uses the two words I want to get across: value and color. What I mean by value are the shades of a color or more often than not, shades of gray. Value can do a few things to your piece. Using a light value next to a dark will add emphasis to an idea or suggest opposing concepts. Using similar values can create the idea of unity or compatible ideas. Value can create flow through a document. It can act as a guide and keep the reader on track. Value can be used to create mood. Values of red can transverse from love (pink), to passion (red), to fury (dark red/maroon). Shades of blue and gray can be soothing and cooling. Green can begin bright and represent renewal, birth and shade into decay and rot. Think about how you can use color and value to give your document drama. Color and value can give a two color document impact.


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