Warm feelings for cool colors

You hear it, warm colors, cool colors which is which? Maybe you don’t hear about warm and cool colors. For those of you that have no idea what I’m saying there are such things as warm colors and such things as cool colors. Super simple–not! But I’m going to make it simple to get you started. Warm colors: orange, red, yellow. Cool colors: blue, green, purple. There are such things as blue reds (cooler-but not cool) and neutral greens, definitely not cool! (I mean the other cool as in, “Lisa Belloli, her blog is so cool.”) Don’t panic, I’ll type slowly so you’ll understand. Reds can have a bluish quality, think cherries or an orangey cast, like a cardinal. Greens as a neutral is a little harder and something designers and painters like to argue about. Certain shades of green can go nicely with lots of colors hence, its described neutrality. Me, I go with cool, makes my life easier.


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