I am deluded enough to think I can bring something to the table ––Huey Lewis

I bring three rules/suggestions for tables.







1.   Align column headings at the bottom of the box. Like this:

2.   Numerals of a typeface may not read especially well, check the number in all typefaces you plan on using. Ones, lower case “l”s and capital “I”s may look the same. If the typeface doesn’t have good, readable numbers choose a different typeface or use the numbers from a typeface that are readable. Personally, I’d rather you changed typefaces entirely.
3.   Don’t use line leaders …………………………….. They are awful. Use ruled lines:


And you know of course single words or short lines are best centered, numbers are right justified and first column data is either centered or left justified. Oh, and don’t feel like you need to add sides to your tables either.


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