The proof is in the pudding: proof–reading made easy

A good proof–reader is a wonderful thing. I am a terrible proof–reader and I have a deep and abiding love for clichés and run–on sentences. If you are like me and you cannot use a second person to proof copy try these tricks:

  1. For short copy read each line backwards. It forces you to see each word as a word and not as a sentence.
  2. Use a sheet of paper under each line to isolate it from the rest of the copy.
  3. Read it out loud slowly making sure to say each word.
  4. Review hard copy.
  5. Look for one problem at a time, first spelling, punctuation and so on.
  6. Take a break then return to proof.

Still the best is to have another person review your copy but in lieu of that try these ideas.


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