Adding texture, adding interest, adding to your cred

Along with that comes the other caveat: Nothing kills a bad product faster than great packaging. In other words, don’t make it so pretty the content doesn’t stand a chance. Here are a few was to add texture other than paper to a printed item.

Silkscreen–This process pushes ink through a fine mesh screen. The effect is areas of dense bright color with a velvet-like feel.

Embossing–A die is cut from metal or plastic and paper is pressed into the die. The result is a raised or depressed image creating a texture that usually has no color. A depressed image is referred to as de-bossing.

Foil–Like embossing in that it uses a die, the difference is that the foil is heatset onto the paper. It can be just about any color though gold and silver prevail.

Engraving–Text or image is etched or carved into a block and the paper is laid over the inked block and pressure transfers the ink and raises the lines in the image as the paper is forced into the etched lines.

Thermography–A process where the ink is heated, melts and is fused to the paper with a raised quality.


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