Add some excitement to your life

I once worked in a graphics department where a supervisor trying to boost morale suggested we pretend to be having fun. Really, it happened. That supervisor soon left and not a moment too soon. And while the plastic guns that shot foam disks and the silly string was soon banned no one could stop the rubber band wars from raging. I’m not suggesting you buy a case of silly string and have at it on a Friday afternoon; on second thought–do it. Summer is coming, have some fun. You can buy silly string at the dollar store. So there you are, see you next week.

What I am actually suggesting is adding some punch to your black and white or two color documents with colored and or textured paper. Having your proposal or new regulations on a paper with a tactile quality can give your ideas a weight and importance that smooth white paper cannot. Using a colored paper, not bright yellow–though maybe–can say, “Hey, I’m important. Pay attention to me.” Try it with documents you print yourself for meetings or presentations. The paper cost will not be much more that regular white paper. Buy a ream and give it a try and if that doesn’t work, go with the silly string.


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