Duotones can save you money and make you look good

Let’s start with answering the question of what is a duotone? A duotone is a process of laying one transparent color over another. Most duotones are black and another color, as in my example here. My example is actually four duotones, black with burgundy, black with aqua, black with orange and black with green. The layering of the two colors as opposed to mixing creates a unique depth and richness to images and can suggest a more fully colored image. The advantage of using duotones is a printed piece can use two inks, black (doesn’t have to be black but generally is) and another color but appears to have more. So for less cost than full color printing a rich and colorful printed piece can be produced. Duotones lend themselves wonderfully to newsletters. Just be mindful of having your designer use green on portraits of people. Now you can use that second color throughout the piece as an accent color. Here I’ve used green for the headline with black as body copy. The green accent color can be used for borders, ruled lines, etc.


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