Designing within the brand, the sequel

I wrote about how important it is to design within the brand, now it’s time to get specific.

  1. Your brand has probably two or more typefaces, for the logo, for titles, for copy–that’s what you use when you’re designing. Not other ones, this is also a case for not using esoteric or expensive fonts.
  2. Your brand has a color scheme. One to two colors (hopefully not more) plus black and white. Use those colors. Not close to, not tints or shades unless it is part of the brand. The exception of course is if your brand is photo based.
  3. Your brand has a feel, a tone, a sentiment if you will. Stay in that. Clowns and balloons are out if you’re a funeral home. Dignity, always dignity. Lawyers do not want to be irreverent. Candy and pastry shops do not want to be somber.
  4. Layout. Does your brand have a layout that is used? Logo bottom centered? Top Left? Screened behind? (Don’t screen behind, I’m giving examples.)

By the way, when I’m saying, “Use those colors” or “That’s what you use when you’re designing.” I mean having designed, policing your designer. I admit, I advocate using professional designers, I am one after all. But truth be told, designing isn’t your skill set and is a waste of you as a resource. Do the math.


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