The death of a branding strategy: a tragedy in three acts

Once upon a time a stodgy, century old service company tried a new, hip, branding campaign. It was different, colorful, well here, here’s a part of it.

Pretty cool. So how did something this cool die? It died of neglect,indifference, and lack of support.

Act I: Company decides to focus on customer service as a way of changing how they are perceived. They decide on a radical departure from the traditional. The new look is fresh, rich, edgy yet exciting and with the focus on customer service, approachable.

Act II: The new look is unveiled, the branding strategy is explained to the top brass. The branding is taught to the graphics and web teams and pretty much no one else. It’s very different, so hardly anyone knows how to use the branding correctly. The branding strategy ought to have been taught as a training seminar for every employee, from the president and the board to the night watchman.

Act III: No one in the company felt any ownership of the branding, thus the graphics department fell back into old design strategies, the branding was not enforced and this cool, innovative brand, not to mention the new approach to customer service died a slow death, a web page, a brochure at a time. Tragic really.
Next week: How to introduce a brand and make it stick.


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