Zippity do dah Zip codes

Those five little digits plus four. If you’re mailing something to a client or customer or sending your graphic designer a check for a job well done, those digits are very important. They can tell the post office down to the block where your item is destined (if you use +four). Today you’ll learn two things at two web sites. The first is more interesting than helpful, but oh so cool. The second is very helpful, a look-up for the plus 4 digits for any address. Do not underestimate the power of plus four. I live on an avenue, in Pittsburgh PA there is a road by the same name here as well. We share the same house number with a house on the road though our zip codes differ. Mail gets crossed all the time. Fortunately, as far as we know nothing important has gone astray and I’ve only resent one or two things that looked personal or important. I don’t blame the post office, I love the post office, when one considers the volume of mail they move and yes, for less than a dollar it’s an incredible feat. And this is from a person who had the post office lose 6,000 invitations once, but I digress. Where was I? Right, web site number one, interesting, by Ben Fry. It’s a map, click on it begin to enter your zip and the map lights up by region, then area and finally by post office. Cool.
This one is more helpful, from the US Postal Service I bring you, zip+4 look-up:
I will get more into zip codes and large mailings but today–we’ll take it easy.


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