Another instance where size matters

Mail. I’m talking about mail, mail. Size of mail pieces. Envelopes, postcards, parcels and the like. What makes a letter a letter and a postcard a postcard? Size.


Postcard: minimum size:             3.5 x 5
maximum size:            4.25 x 6
minimum thickness: .007  (70/80 lbs for postcards)

Self mailer or any letter size envelope (including greeting cards):
minimum size            3.5 x 5
maximum size:          6.125 x 11.5 (6 1/8 x 11.5)
minimum thickness: .009
maximum thickness: .25

Flat size mail (unfolded letter size, lightly padded envelopes):
minimum size            6.125 x 11.5
maximum size:            12 x 15
maximum thickness: .75

Parcels: Irregular shapes, rolls, tubes
maximum length plus width or girth has to be under 108 inches



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